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I’m toying with the idea of resurrecting the PedagooLocal idea. We’ve tried it once before. We used to have a whole section of the forums on Pedagoo.org dedicated to the idea with the hope that we’d get lots of regional groups of Pedagoo’ers coming together to share and organise local events. There were a few gallant attempts at making this happen in a few locations, with even a few events taking place as well, but it’s kinda died away.

So, why bring it back? Well, following the success of #PedagooPrimary the other week there has been a few mentions of folk wanting to organise their own Pedagoo style TeachMeet in their local area and link it to Pedagoo in some way, but without wanting to go for the pressure of making it a bigger event. From the beginning we’ve tried really hard to welcome and encourage folk to organise events which use the Pedagoo name, but without going to the full free-for-all of the TeachMeet name. Some time ago we reached the conclusion that the best way to achieve this was to organise a Pedagoo event you needed to join the Curator team and broadly agree to the guidance described on this page when organising your event.

Pedagoo is first and foremost an online community of teachers, sharing their practice year-round via the blog and twitter. The idea of the events is to have the occasional physical coming together of members of the community to share practice more deeply in person, to encourage more sharing online and encourage new members into the community. For this reason, if someone asks to become a curator in order to run an event, I always ask them to first become involved in the online community and then ask again.

I’m happy that the approach we’ve reached has helped ensure that our events are run by folk who ‘get it’, which is important when running such a loose collective of teachers who haven’t always even met each other in person! The drawback however is that it limits the number of events we’re able to run, which in turn therefore limits our ability to achieve our objectives of encouraging more folk to share their practice online.

So, it is for this reason I’m thinking of resurrecting the PedagooLocal idea. I think this time we should perhaps not aim to to ensure there are Local groups of Pedagoo’ers all over the country – which was a bit of an ask. Instead, I’m thinking if someone’s wanting to organise a relatively small, local, Pedagoo-style event and are wanting to link it to Pedagoo, they could use the name and branding associated with ‘PedagooLocal’. As the Pedagoo name is now relatively well known, this might help them attract attendees and sponsors, and it would help us all to grow the community.

What criteria would someone need to meet to organise a PedagooLocal event? I’d be interested in your opinion, but for me I think the event would need to:

  • be free to the teachers attending.
  • take a longer format approach to sharing (i.e. primarily 30/40 minute Learning Conversations/Workshops as opposed to all 7/2 minute presentations – we’ve got nothing against TeachMeets, we’re just trying to add a bit of diversity to the mix).
  • be open to teachers from anywhere, even if primarily aimed at one particular area/local authority.

I think these would be the questions I’d be asking if someone were to approach us to use the name for their event.

What do you think?