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Are you Educationally Literate?

This is my first attempt at blogging from my phone, so please bear with me.

To what extent are you educationally literate? What does that mean I hear you ask…this is something that we’ve spent some time discussing this morning on my return to my CTeach MEd.

The discussion follows on from some reading we are asked to do from Reading Educational Research and Policy by David Scott. Scott argues that teachers today are educationally illiterate which means that we take texts on face value and don’t criticise their intentions and messages. Whilst his choice of language is often unfortunate, I do know where he is coming from. I am slowly developing the tools to critically analyse both research and policy texts. Looking back at my earlier career I would say I was a lot more accepting of what I read and questioned far less. Scott argues that by becoming more educationally literate teachers can become more empowered to enact change.

Despite this developing ability to be critical, I think I still feel that I would like to continue work on the assumption that the authors of the vast majority of educational texts are writing in good faith and with good intentions. I really wish to avoid a paranoid approach to research and policy, whereby I could slip into negativity for the sake of it.