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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the #ResearchMeet idea which I floated the other week, both online and in person at the City Cafe on Wednesday. One thing’s for certain, there’s an appetite for it and we should therefore definitely make sure it happens.

On Wednesday we thrashed a few things out and reached a few decisions. There was agreement that #EnquiryMeet was a better name than #ResearchMeet, and so we’ve changed it to that. We all agreed that it’s practitioner enquiry that we’re particularly interested in developing, supporting and sharing in Scotland and we should change the name accordingly. This is also more in line with the ethos of Pedagoo and the GTCS Standards. As a result, there was also agreement that a school would be a more fitting venue than a University, and we have a great one already offering to host the event, so more on that to come. We also felt that June was too ambitious to do this well, and in order to avoid clashing with the many events in August/September and the October holidays, we’re going to go for early November.

One of the other key decisions we reached was how to have some sort of criteria for sharing whilst also keeping it open and inclusive. We’ve decided the best way to do this is through the academic posters (wondering if we should rename these ‘Enquiry Posters’?). Anyone who wanted to present would need to submit a poster (and others could choose to only submit a poster and not present). All these posters would be uploaded to the web and printed A1. On the day, they would be displayed and attendees would interact with them, perhaps by adding post-it notes with questions? Anyone who submitted a poster would be able to then take it back with them to their schools – we have a potential partner who might be able to cover the cost of all this printing.

This academic/enquiry poster would need to include…

– Enquiry question
– A rationale for their enquiry
– The intervention they carried out
– The outcomes of the intervention and how they know
– Implications for practice/next steps
– References
– Contact details

The beauty of this is that the criteria for the poster becomes the criteria for presenting at the event.

So, what would the event be for? I think it’s important to stress that the purpose of this event would be to support practitioners to develop their use of enquiry. For some, this would involve sharing and discussing enquiries which they have already carried out, for others who are perhaps earlier in their enquiry journey, they might wish to attend to hear what others have been doing to develop their own understanding and ideas. And although the focus of the day would primarily be on practitioners sharing their classroom-based enquiry and research, it would also be good to have sessions more explicitly on the what, how and why of practitioner enquiry. It might also be good to have sessions such as this for those who are further ahead in their use of enquiry, perhaps on how to write for journals or apply for funding.

So, what are the next steps? Well, the plan is to confirm the venue and funding and then open up the event for submission of posters and presentations before the summer holidays. We’ll keep this open until the start of September and then get the event opened up to all then. We’re planning on running this event under the Pedagoo banner but working in partnership with others.

What do you think? Sounding good? If so…time to get your thinking cap on – what could you share?


I’ve had a wee go at a possible template for the poster. You can click on the image below to download the powerpoint file.
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