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Freaked Out

I put one of those flickr spinner widgets on my blog the other week and it all worked fine.

But then I popped onto my blog yesterday only to find lots of classroom displays in my spinning cube. This is very odd as I’ve never taken a picture of a classroom display and certainly haven’t uploaded any to flickr. When I clicked on on the spinner it took me to a flickr page called stoneyhillteacher. Stoneyhill is the Primary School in Musselburgh where my wife works, and one of the pictures on the flickr page is from her room!!

She had no knowledge of this – one of the other members of staff has been taking pictures of displays around the school. But how has a picture of a display in my wife’s classroom accidently found itself onto my blog!?!?

New Timetable

Our school is currently sorting out the new timetables for next year. It’s so nice finding out what you’re going to be doing for the next twelve months, but as we discussed in our department at break today – never print your timetable in colour and laminate it (if you’re so inclined) until after the summer holidays – there are bound to be changes. I reckon this is true of any school, be it in Scotland, England, N. Ireland or Namibia.




After chatting to David last night I thought I’d have look at his blog today, only to be presented with this:


In case you can’t read it, it says:

Access to this web page is restricted at this time.

Reason: The Websense category “MP3 and Audio Download Services” is filtered.

So, because David podcasts, I can’t see his blog. That’s a shame.


I popped along to the Jolly Judge for a little bit of TeachMeet this evening.


I’m sure you’ll read much more on many other blogs (especially Ewan’s) as I had to sneak away early. Was I the only one to have other plans come 7.45pm on Champions League Final night? Poor Liverpool 🙁

Although I wasn’t there for very long, I did have a really good time. It was great to put faces to names (and blogs) that are rapidly becoming very familiar to me – and to learn a thing or two as well. I mainly spoke to David, Brian and Ollie, but also managed to find out a little about Do it Be it and ScotEduBlogs.

Thanks to Ewan for putting it all together.

What next?

So, they’ve only gone and done it. SF & DUP in government together. As someone who grew up in NI, I have a range of thoughts/feelings on this. Firstly, it’s something that few really believed would EVER happen. If it couldn’t work with the moderates, it would never even get started with the extremists. But here it is, unbelievable.

There are obviously many people who are deeply hurt by this move ‘forwards’. I can only imagine what it must be like to have lost someone in the troubles, never mind having to deal with this as well. But the majority of Norn Irish seem to feel that it doesn’t matter who’s in there as long as people stop being injured and killed.

And what about education? Last time round Martin McGuiness (SF) was Education Minister and I seem to remember everyone being pleasantly surprised with how well he performed in this role. SF have education again this time in the form of Caitríona Ruane and it remains to be seen how she will perform. Their education policy does contain quite a few contentious issues such as the scrapping of grammar schools, the promotion of Irish-medium schools and the creation of an all-Ireland education system. The Irish-language issue has already come up in the Belfast Telegraph.

I think the way the NI Assembly is designed is that if one lot has a Ministry, then the Assembly committee is chaired by a representative of the other lot. Although this ensures both sides are represented in each area of power sharing, it’s bound to set up some whopping great arguments. People often say, as long as they’re arguing over education instead of actually fighting, we should be happy. But what effect will these arguments have on the schools and pupils of NI? Will there be a consistent improvement to education, or ideological point scoring?

As a voter, I know which of these would impress me.