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A profession?

Well, Saturday was another stimulating yet exhausting day. The focus of the morning was the nature of professionalism and considering whether teaching is a profession or not. After almost three hours of discussion with our tutors and Professor David Carr (I must get started on that book of his), I don’t think we got near to answering the question – but as the first half of our Module 1 assessment is an essay on this, that wasn’t the intention. The intention was to stimulate thought and discussion – I think it certainly did that!

The second half of the day was spent on the second half of our assignment. There are many aspects to this, but the bulk is an analysis of a piece of action research we have carried out. We have been working on this throughout the module, but it is really only making sense to many of us now.

Anyway, the upshot of all of this is that I am once again inspired to do lots of work for my module. So much so that I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning with my head swimming with ideas. It was so bad I couldn’t get back to sleep!! That’s the second time this has happened on this module and it was a long time prior to starting this course since I had last struggled to sleep from being so bursting with ideas for work! Now I just need find a way of creating some time to implement these ideas.

Excuses, excuses.


I’ve got my third of four Saturdays tomorrow, and as usual I’ve not managed to get as much homework done as I’d hoped. It really is difficult getting to all of the reading and self-evaluation needed for Module 1 when there is always so much “real work”. I am getting better. I have found I have to dedicate some time to Uni work – and this normally needs to be taken out of “my time” as opposed to “school-work time”. Or, in other words, Saturday mornings instead of weekday evenings!!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. This is only module 1, I’m sure I’ll get better…

Anybody out there?

Thanks for the welcome back.

I was wondering how many blogs there are out there discussing the CT process so I did a little google search. I was quite shocked to discover how high up I am already!


There’s very little along these lines on the first few pages of a google search. Why is this? Is there a need for a web resource for chartered teachers and those working towards chartered teacher status? If so, what tools would it offer – blog platform such as edubuzz? discussion forums?

I'm Back!

I’ve thought of something else to bore you with – I’ve started working towards becoming a chartered teacher!

No.1 Teacher Mug

I’m in the middle of Module 1 and enjoying it very much. I’m finding it to be both extremely inspiring and challenging at the same time. It’s fantastic to be studying again, and to be seeing my day to day job from a completely different perspective. Although spending a Saturday in Uni looms threateningly all week, I actually find it very rewarding to spend the day with colleagues reflecting on our practice.

So, I’ve been feeling the need recently to resurrect the blog – so why not? I’ll try to write something when I feel the urge to and will see where that leads me…

End of Blog


Unless it isn’t entirely obvious, it seems I’m no longer blogging. Not sure why, it just doesn’t seem to be in me. I’ve got loads on right now at work and I’m more inclined to get it done and then use whatever time I have left to go off and enjoy myself (especially when there’s surf).

Hope you don’t mind. Thanks for reading.