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Edubuzz Site of the Week!!


I was just scanning through our weekly bulletin from the Head of Education and was pleasantly suprised to find that my little blog is the Edubuzz Site of the week.

That’s a nice way to end the week.

The power of blogging

I’ve just been in to Moray House this morning to discuss my progress with my essay on Curriculum for Excellence and Teacher Professionalism with my tutor. I’m so pleased that I’ve chosen this topic as it’s so topical that I can’t help but think and read about it! I’m even more pleased that I didn’t get laughed out of the room for what I’ve produced so far!!

Don’s Learning Log

However, the reason I’m posting is that I’m really getting sucked into this blogging malarky. Before I went into Uni this morning I had a read of Jaye’s post on Sex Education in schools, which really resonated with me. And when I got home, Don had posted a reply to my comments on his blog regarding the Curriculum for Excellence and its implementation (to which Ewan had already replied). Quite a fruitful (and not very taxing) bit of CPD for a Saturday morning – discussion with a teacher in another school, an LTS National Adviser and the Director for Education for the council I work for!! Not only that, but these last two conversations have been relevant to my module 1 essay

I don’t know why I ever doubted it!

Confusion to reign…

Confusion to reign in Scottish classrooms over radical reforms

Spooky…I was just writing about my own perception of confusion regarding Curriculum for Excellence just the other day. And now it’s front page in the Scotsman apparently.

Although the groups warning the government seem to be primarily, and predictably, the unions and the independent schools – it is weird for me to reading the very sentiments I was expressing in a newspaper I wouldn’t normally read!!

I’m particularly interested in the following statement:
“Just three months away from being taught in thousands of classrooms, the Curriculum for Excellence is desperately underfunded and at risk of being lost in a haze of vagueness and ignorance”

The reason my blogging rate has slowed recently is that I am trying to string together an essay along the lines of ‘Curriculum for Excellence and Teacher Professionalism’ so my brain is full of this at the minute. So much so, that I don’t know what I think right now, so I wont write any more tonight.

Interesting though.

Journey to Excellence and other matters

I’ve just got back from a free CPD event at the lovely Dalhousie Castle Hotel organised by EIS and Midlothian. The event was very well organised by Vicky Wallace as the Midlothian EIS Learning Rep (apparently East Lothian doesn’t have a multi-establishment equivalent!)

We were treated to the presence of the EIS President, Kirsty Devaney and received presentations from Elisabeth Ritchie of HMIe and Tom Hamilton of the GTCS.

I’m quite surprised how much I found out in such a short space of time. Elisabeth put this whole HGIOS in to perspective for me as I’d never really got my head round it as a relative newcomer. More importantly, she showed us the Journey to Excellence website (or HGIOS 5), which is really impressive and provides much food for thought. For example, have a look at this brief discussion of the assessment of thinking skills from Carol McGuinness:
DownloadAssessing thinking skills – Carol McGuinness

There is a lot more on the site as well – go and have a look!

Tom talked to us about the GTCS’s professional registration and recognition schemes – I’d not actually come across this recognition scheme! How’s that for someone currently fretting over an essay on professionalism!!!

It just shows you what you can find out from sticking your name down for these free CPD events which come along. Perhaps it also suggests that we could do with an equivalent to Vicky in East Lothian?

A curriculum for what now?

Confused teachers

Is anyone else surprised with the general confusion surrounding a curriculum for excellence? The Curriculum for Excellence website states: “Scotland is currently pursuing its biggest education reform for a generation.” I’m not sure that we’ve all grasped this!

We’ve all heard about it, we can all kind of name the four capacities (although as far as I can gather most can only ever name three at a time) – but are we really engaging with it? How many people are reading the experiences & outcomes and completing the online questionnaires? How many schools (particularly secondary) are currently rewriting their curricula to prepare for the implementation in August 2009?

I’ve heard it said that very few returns have made it to LTS since the experiences and outcomes have been released for consultation, and what does this say about us as a profession? Although I can see the argument here, I also think you can turn this round – what does it say about LTS’s implementation of this hugely important piece of curriculum reform?

Why are so many teachers unsure of what is going on and what they should be doing?