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SCEL Engage #tellscel

Things are proceeding at a pace on my secondment to SCEL! I’m four and half weeks in now…but it seems a lot longer than that! In this time I’ve developed an approach to engaging with teachers and others on teacher leadership and offered to deliver this approach across the country. At the minute I’m busy arranging engagement events with all sorts of different folk across Scotland, which is exciting. I’m only seconded until the end of March so I really need to get cracking as that’s not as far away as I first thought.

I’m planning on regularly updating on progress with the engagement over on scelengage.com, as well as incorporating online engagement approaches through this site also. As a result, I fear that I won’t be updating this blog very much between now and Easter.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on the SCEL teacher leadership engagement work therefore it would probably be best to head on over to scelengage.com and sign up for email updates on that site.


So, what do you think ?