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How to engage?

So, I’m now two weeks into my secondment with SCEL and what a fortnight it has been!

Given that my job is about teacher leadership, I had obviously started off by reading as much as I could about teacher leadership. But…my job is primarily to be about *engaging* with folk on teacher leadership, so how on earth am I going to do that? I had started with some basic questions which had first occurred to me, but Lesley pointed me in the direction of ULab: workforcescotland.com/ulab

Since then I’ve become engrossed with Theory U by catching up on the ULab MOOC as quickly as possible, and have spent a fair bit of time considering how to use this to inform our approach to engaging on teacher leadership. I’ve now got a plan and I’m excited to be sharing it with @TeamSCEL on Monday morning…

As a result of my exploration of ULab, I’ve also discovered the wonderfully supportive #ulabscot community and have already had opportunities to meet with some interesting folk.

And finally, I’ve now got my SCEL twitter account all set up, please give me a follow: @fearghal_scel


  • Reply Ronnie Summers |

    Hi Fearghal – I didn’t realise you had moved to SCEL. Best wishes for your new job. Read your post on HGIOS4with interest – I’ve only just got to it. Some interesting changes of tack which may take some time to bed in.

      • Reply Ronnie Summers |

        Hi Fearghal

        Very busy at present. Having done all the documents for AH, my team has reduced in size and we are about to do a whole load of fieldwork visits, covering all authorities in Scotland. Still enjoying it though the train from Dunbar to Glasgow for a lot of the week can be a bit of a chore, especially since it is now dark at both ends of the day. Maybe we should catch up for a chat at some point about matters of mutual interest? I think HGIOS4 is interesting but schools may find it challenging.

So, what do you think ?