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The Continuing Ankle Saga


I don’t normally post this sort of thing on my blog…but I feel I need to this time. It’s of particular interest to anyone who might be considering inviting me to something over the next wee while and I have to refuse.

Ten years ago I fell off a cliff on holiday. There, I’ve said it. It’s true. I was very lucky at the time as I landed on my legs (particularly the left one) and not my back. However, this impact has resulted in an arthritic ankle which was causing me more and more pain. I thought I’d resolved that two years ago by having it fused, but if you’ve seen me recently you will have noticed that I still walk with a cane as it’s still quite sore.

I found out the other week that the reason for this is that the next joint down in my ankle is now arthritic. It is deteriorating and the pain will eventually reach a point when it too will need fused. It’s not clear when this will happen but I’m guessing it will be within the next year.

So, why am I telling you all this now? Well, if you’re a regular to this blog you will have read my post about Own Learning…I’m going to have to reign this in and basically be very careful regarding which projects I take on for the foreseeable. The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that I’ve removed the link to Own Learning from the sidebar of this blog and from my twitter bio.

If you want to work with me, please do still free to get in touch. But please understand why I might want to meet you online, or why I might even need to say no. I really won’t want to say no, I’m not good at doing that, but I need to get better at it and I hope you’ll understand.



  • Reply Eileen P |

    Fearghal i’m sorry you’re in such pain and hope the medics are able to help you with that. I wish you well in that challenge,

    You are incredibly creative and I’m sure you will find different ways to work and continue to make an impact though!

    Diversity, disability, difference – whatever we call it, sooner or later the issues face us all: the folk who follow you will think no less of you because of your health issues and I’m sure we will all learn from you in your journey

    Very best wishes

  • Reply George Gilchrist |

    Hi Fearghal
    Sorry to hear of your ongoing health problems, but it seems you have had a bit of interst in Own Learning and glad to see this going well. Health always has to come first and then you can think about other things you want to achieve. Good luck.

  • Reply John |

    Hi Fearghal,
    Even forgetting your ankle you have made an amazing impact on education locally and further afield. Adding pain and discomfort into the mix makes this achievement even greater.

    All the best hopes for a good outcome.

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