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Leading from the classroom #STEPConf

The ever magnificent David Cameron asked me to come along and speak at #STEPConf yesterday. My brief was to share the Pedagoo journey to inform a discussion on the following question:

How can teachers work together to influence developments in Scottish education?

I used the prezi above to structure the presentation and discussion. I had left the prezi unfinished and added in the outcomes from the group discussion which were as follows…

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 14.50.58

It was a really fruitful discussion, and as usual I wish I’d left more time for it. What we were beginning to get to was that in order to have influence we need to first cultivate a culture of openness and sharing amongst the profession, which is an organic process and will take time. Along with that, policy makers need to be open to listening to teachers’ ideas and make the time and space for genuine partnership working between practitioners and decision makers.

I would suggest that one of the primary purposes of Pedagoo thus far has been to foster and grow a culture of sharing and to do so in a focused way which provides a collective voice which policy makers can then engage with. Yesterday has inspired me to consider how we could make more and better use of our Pedagoo community in Scotland to further support teachers to share and have wide-ranging impact…

“Activist professionalism is not for the faint hearted. It requires risk taking and working collectively and strategically with others. Like any form of action, it demands conviction and strategy. However, the benefits outweigh the demands. The activist professional creates new spaces for action and debate, and in so doing improves the learning opportunities for all of those who are recipients or providers of education.” Sachs, 2000

So, what do you think ?