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Wireless Projecting


I’m in the ridiculously fortunate position of having been given 20 chromebooks a few years ago, 17 of which are still working. I was also given a wireless network to make them work, which has been fab. It occurred to me recently however that with these two ingredients it might just be possible for me to add a chromecast to my network and get some wireless projecting happening. So, one of my colleagues who has a chromecast took one of the chromebooks home and gave it a go on his TV…and, it worked!

So, I set about trying to work out how to connect an HDMI chromecast to a projector which doesn’t have HDMI…a tonne of cables later, and lo and behold, it works!


What I hadn’t quite anticipated is that not only can I now project wirelessly…anyone who is on the network can! So, if a student has something worth sharing with the whole class, they can just cast it straight up onto the screen from their desk. I’m only just beginning to get to grips with the implications of this technology for learning and teaching…but I thought I’d share what I’d done to at least have got it working – something I really wasn’t expecting to occur when I started playing around with this!

In case anyone else is thinking of doing something similar, here’s what I’ve had to buy to make it all work…

So, what do you think ?