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Masters Level Learning

I was a bit worried that last post would be a bit dull given that I was effectively just sharing that I went to a meeting of a new group, but I think it turned out a bit more interesting than I’d expected (if I do say so myself!)

So, I thought I’d follow it up with a similar post on another group I’m on which has just had its first meeting too. You’ll have heard of the Donaldson report, obviously, but you may (like me) have struggled to see any real change coming through in terms of teacher professional learning – apart from the new Standards of course. Well, I’m delighted to discover that there’s more going on than I had realised – at least in the Lothians, but probably in other regions too.

Edinburgh University are working with City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Fife, Midlothian, Scottish Borders and West Lothian to develop Teacher Education Partnerships. The working group I’m on is developing pilots for Masters-level learning opportunities collaboratively developed in partnership between the University and the Local Authorities, and there are other groups developing other pilots also.

Although there are many and obvious concerns regarding the implemenation of this shift in how teacher professional learning is offered, I think there is real potential here to raise the standard and outcomes of the sorts of courses on offer to us. Particularly as practitioner enquiry seems to be featuring heavily in the conversations so far – which makes me happy and gives me hope.

There’s more info on progress implementing the Donaldson report on the Teaching Scotland’s Future website.

So, what do you think ?