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Right now I’m on a train enroute to London for an exciting new conference on research in education, researchED. I’m obviously really looking forward to it and hope to come back with loads of ideas as to how to take forward an evidence-based approach to my practice as a teacher and learning coach. However, even just going to the conference has got me thinking.

I’d noticed already from twitter that there didn’t seem to be any Scottish-types planning to head down this weekend, which is totally understandable. When the programme came through, I also then noticed that Scotland doesn’t feature very highly in the list of workshops either. So, I obviously began to ponder if we should be doing something similar up North. I don’t think I’d be up for organising something quite as big and slick as this, and it doesn’t quite fit in with my Pedagooey teacher-led learning obsession anyway. So what could we do differently?

I then began to link these ideas with the thoughts I’ve been having around professional enquiry and the new GTCS Standards. What if we had an event which provided practitioners with an opportunity to share their professional enquiries? We could build on the tmSLFringe format by structuring the day in a similar way but requiring that the sessions be based on professional enquiries or action research projects? We could hold this event in June of each year and maybe even produce some sort of practitioner-led eJournal to coincide with the event. So far the only name I’ve come up with for such an event is “enquirED“, which I quite like but would be open to suggestions.

What do folk think? Would there be demand for such an event? Crucially, would there be enough folk out there with something to share? Would the existence of such an event maybe even encourage you to carry out a professional enquiry this year? Comments very welcome…


Thanks for all the feedback on here and on twitter to this idea. It’s encouraged me to pursue it further and have begun talking to some folk about making it a reality.

Something else occurred to me in relation to this idea…what if in conjunction to the above there was some way for those undertaking professional enquiries to share their plans and progress throughout the year, not just at the end? One of the key advantages of this approach could be the potential of allowing colleagues in Universities to see what’s happening and become involved in a supporting role should they wish. At the very least they might be able to direct teachers to appropriate literature to support their enquiry.

The Pedagoo blog could be one way of doing this, but I think it’s possibly too busy for this. It’d be good I think to have something quite focused to encourage interested University staff to sign up to all updates by email. We could create a new collaborative blog, or perhaps there’s another technical solution…what do you think?


  • Reply JL |

    I really wanted to go but at the time didn’t have any future plans so didn’t know if I’d be able to 🙁 Gutted now!

  • Reply David Gilmour |

    Something like this would be valuable in providing one mechanism for sharing the learning from enquiries. It would still perhaps only capture and share a very small proportion, though, making it relatively difficult for others to build on these enquiries. Maybe its main benefit could be in encouragement, as you suggest. But an online journal could perhaps be at the heart of a system for sharing the learning from these enquiries , not just what happens at the event?

    • Reply fearghal |

      Thanks David. I agree that in time I’d like to see an eJournal become the primary way of sharing more widely. I would suggest though that even to begin with we could have folk submit articles for the eJournal some of which could be ‘presented’ at the physical event, thus placing the eJournal up front as the priority from the start…

So, what do you think ?