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On #Pedagoo

I’m surprised to discover that I’ve never written a blog post on #Pedagoo. How odd. It wasn’t a deliberate move, I think it’s just been quite all-encompassing that I hadn’t ever got round to it. In fact, it’s been so busy of late that I haven’t managed to get round to writing much of anything on my blog, which is a shame.

So, why am I inspired to write something about it now? Because (touch wood) it seems to be really beginning to take off. The last I mentioned of the idea was when I floated the idea of a collaborative blog following the #CfEfuture debate – almost exactly a year ago. Since then the blogged morphed into pedagoo.org and has since been growing arms and legs. How did it morph into pedagoo from education futures scotland? This is explained over on pedagoo.org/about [and what a near-miss that was in terms of the name!]

Since pedagoo’s creation on the 24th May last year, the #PedagooAdmin team has grown to six very enthusiastic teachers, supported by many many equally enthusiastic teachers who contribute on twitter, facebook and on the blog. In fact, the blog recently has become quite overwhelming in terms of the quality of the posts – and #PedagooFriday is just something else. On top of that we’re planning TeachMeet Retreat and TeachMeet SLFringe…and we’re currently hatching another plan – PedagooCPD. Plus we’re receiving lots of great support from Universities, National Bodies and some fantastically enthusiastic and helpful individuals who are no longer in the classroom. All in all, it’s becoming quite breathtaking. But, why is it working and where are we going with it?

I think there are many reasons why Pedagoo might be beginning to get somewhere. I think perhaps it may be partly to do with the fact that there may now be a critical mass of teachers using twitter who we’ve been able to reach in a way which simply wasn’t possible at a grassroots level in the past. I think also that during this time of change, there are significant number of teachers out there who are looking for honest and challenging support and dialogue from like-minded colleagues and are finding that there are very few opportunities to develop these sorts of networks. Whatever the reasons, I’m just glad that folk are finding it useful.

But, where do we go with this? In the short to medium term, I’m hoping that we can…

  • offer more, and more varied, opportunities for teachers to learn from other teachers – whether that be online, or through events we organise.
  • continue to expand the membership and widen the involvement in all things pedagoo.
  • encourage more members to contribute more frequently to the site, and to foster more debate on a wider range of issues.
  • provide a space for communities and discussions which develop in the real world to continue after events such as TeachMeets, or any other form of CPD event for that matter.
  • anything else…?
In the longer term? Who knows. Part of me still hopes that we, as teachers, can take hold of our own destiny and use an organisation such as pedagoo to pull together and take the lead on  pedagogy – forming our own grassroots version of the Innovation Unit. I used to think that was a flight of fancy, but as the impossible increasingly seems to be becoming possible just now…why not?


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    Good to hear where pedagoo came from and its history, tried to explain it to my HT in a conversation – and more or less said what you did apart from the CFE element. I am glad of the opportunity especially on bad days of the twitter posts.

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