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Why we’re trying twitter

I mentioned on #PedagooFriday

Been experimenting with the use of twitter in the classroom this week! #PedagooFriday #plbio
Fearghal Kelly

Some folk were asking for a blog post on this, so I thought I’d try my first ever screencast!

The very helpful post I mentioned is here.


As we’re part way through this topic now, I decided to take some time out last week to reflect on our progress. We did a “table mat” activity where I got the pupils to reflect individually on the positives and the difficulties and then they had to come up with possible improvements as a group. I then summarised all of this for each class. You can see one example of the sort of reflections they were coming up with, and the summaries for each class in the presentation below.

Both classes were quite anxious regarding how much they’re learning. To help them with this I used Flubaroo to create a little check test for them to show how much they are learning, and I’ve printed off a sheet for them to record their progress for them to stick into their jotters. I’ve also given them more help in terms of the websites to use for research, and the sort of activities which they could plan for the lessons.

Everyone’s finding it challenging, but I think more are beginning to get used to this way of working…I’m really pleased with the sorts of positives which they came up with already!


  • Reply Janet Abercrombie |

    Wow! Super-elaborate planning and a great reflection. I learned that Glogster can embed into Google sites. Must explore.

    You’re correct that some students easily plan steps and tasks. Others struggle. It’s such an important life skill – well worth the time we give guiding them. Good idea to have students’ plans feed into Google forms (assuming that’s what you did).

    I’ve thought about using twitter with students but haven’t taken the plunge. Looking for some closed “chat”- type rooms where students can share – that is appropriate for 10 year-olds.

    The next project will run more smoothly because you will have exemplars of excellent student work that you can use as a model.

    This is a great planning model. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply fearghal |

      Thanks Janet,

      Yeah the glog embedding was straightforward…glogster gave me an embed code and I just went into the html in google sites and pasted it across.

      Planning with Google Forms has been even better than I’d imagined. As well as going into my form, they get an email of their plan – which includes a link to edit it. This is brilliant. So as things naturally change, they can go back and edit their plan, which in turn edits their entry in my Spreadsheet! Amazing!

      I see what you mean about twitter…have you tried edmodo? I’ve not used it but I heard a few folk raving about it recently…

      Thanks for all your support with this, it has incredibly valuable!

  • Reply Drew |

    This looks brilliant! Really shows the worth of one to one IT provision with your chromebooks.

    I’d be interested to know how much time and effort has gone in on the part of both staff and pupils in gaining the skills necessary to integrate the ICT into the lesson seamlessly.

    How much effort had to go into clearing twitter access for pupils?

    • Reply fearghal |

      Thanks Drew,

      In terms of the ICT skills, I had done a bit of ground work before the chromebooks arrived. Obviously all the tools are available on any web-enabled device so I had them using GMail and Google Sites on ordinary laptops in groups to help them become familiar with these tools first. Beyond that, Google Apps are just so intuitive that not a lot of other training is required.

      Twitter is already unblocked in EL, so that was no problem at all.

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