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Having a bash at a Curriculum for Excellence

Click on the image above to view the prezi.

Last term I decided to take the bull by the horns and have a go at taking on board the ethos of aCfE with my S1 class. I was about to start a new topic so I threw out my plan and handed over the reigns to the class. The result was a hugely enjoyably series of lessons both for me and the majority of the pupils.

What was most surprising was that in the simplest of terms, my lessons weren’t as dramatically different from what they would’ve been anyway. By this I mean the sequence of lessons was broadly similar and many of the activities were still there. What was hugely different was the angle I came at these lessons from and the impact this had on the pupils.

Having encountered the amazing Prezi through mvass, I decided that this would be an excellent way of sharing my efforts. You can have look here http://prezi.com/39373/view/


  • Reply Robert Jones |

    Fascinating. I think a lot of folk in education will be really interested to see this – an actual flesh and blood example of how aCfE might change the way we work! I’ve just posted a link on twitter.

  • Reply fkelly |

    Thanks Robert. That’s exactly why I did it, because I couldn’t find an ‘actual flesh and blood example’ for myself. It was immensely useful for myself, hopefully it will be for others too.

  • Reply Nick |

    I was blown away by this, amazing presentation tool.

    I like the random way of zooming out then picking a slide.


  • Reply Helen |

    Thanks for this Fearghal. I’ll be using this during CPD sessions on involving pupils in our local authority. The process you documented so well will hopefully promote some good discussions and lead to further ideas.

  • Reply Lynsey |

    I’ve just stumbled across this presentation in a google search (clearly, I have nothing better to do in my summer holidays) and I loved your idea. I have often asked pupils what they would like to find out at the beginning of a topic but haven’t involved them in the actual planning to such an extent. I am definitely going to try this with my p6 in August. I hadn’t heard of prezi before. I must admit, it did make me feel a little bit seasick but I think it would look pretty impressive on my smartboard!

    Regards, Lynsey

  • Reply Fearghal Kelly |

    Thanks Lynsey,

    I’m glad you found the idea useful. It really surprised me how simple and effective this approach proved to be. The hardest part is accepting that the skills they are developing through involvement in the planning are just as important (if not more so) as the “content”. This realisation is necessary in order to allocate the time required.

    I’ve heard a few people say that about prezi. This was my first go, I’ve toned it down a bit since then. Check out this simplified version for example: http://prezi.com/uyaigbd1i-0x/pres-experimenting-with-cfe/

  • Reply Lynsey |

    I think my previous attemps to involve pupils in the planning of topics has been pretty half hearted. I agree that the skills that they would develop in the process are just as important so your post has given me something to think about!

    We are supposed to make topics cross-curricular wherever possible now, and I will be interested to see if the pupils can identify relevant links with other subjects for themselves.

    I was hoping to look at how we can develop science topics in my school as I feel this is an area that has been neglected. I wondered if I could possibly discuss some ideas with you once the term has started? I appreciate that you must be very busy but you seem like a very enthusiastic teacher and are bound to have some great ideas!

    Thanks, Lynsey

  • Reply Fearghal Kelly |

    Thanks Lynsey,

    I’d be happy to discuss more with you…I’ll drop you an email.

    I edited your post to remove your email address – I can get it from the blog admin. No need to publish your email address on here, it might just result in spam!


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